Configure mileage rates for vehicles

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Vehicles are used for identifying different mileage rates and distinguishing between different posting setups. Some countries, for example, have different rates for electric vehicles and vehicles running on fossil fuel.


To set up vehicles, go to the Vehicle List, and set up the vehicle types that your company needs.

Vehicle list_Expense Posting setup

From the Vehicle List, you can choose one Default vehicle. This will get the Expense App to automatically suggest that vehicle when submitting mileages.

Posting Setup

Once the Vehicles have been set up, you need to do the posting setup for the vehicles. To do this, select the line for the vehicle to setup, select Setup.

  1. Select the line with the Vehicle you want to set up and select Setup.

  2. Fill in the Posting Account Type and Posting Account No.

    If you want to differentiate posting for user groups or individuals, you add an extra line with the user groups or individuals specified in the Employee No./Employee Group column, and the different posting account number specified.

  3. Repeat the steps above for all vehicles that your company needs.

Posting setup for vehicle


If Gen. Prod Posting Group, Gen. Bus. Posting Group, VAT Prod Posting Group and VAT Bus. Posting Group are left blank, the posting will inherit the same posting setup as configured on the G/L account.

Mileage Rates

As the last part of the milage setup, you need to specify the milage rates for the vehicles. To do this, select the vehicle you want to setup milage rates for, and then select Milage Rates.

Milage rates setup page

In certain countries the mileage rate can change above a certain distance threshold according to either national regulations or company policies. This can be reflected when you set up mileage rates in Expense Management as well.


When setting up different mileage rates above a certain distance threshold, do not add a checkmark at New Milage Year, as this will begin a new mileage calculation with a different rate.

Set up multiple vehicle types

For users to be able to select from different vehicle types, the vehicle field code must be added to Configured Fields.

  1. Choose the search icon, enter Configured Fields, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the Home action bar, select the Mileage action to open the list of configured fields for mileage.
  3. In the Field Code column, add a new line with Vehicle Code.

Synchronize with Continia Online so that users will have this available in the Mobile App.

Configured Fields_Mileage_Vehicle Code

Synchronizing with Continia Online

Synchronizing exports the configurations set up, and updates the Expense Portal and Mobile App so that the changes appear for users.

Go to the Role Center and select the action Synchronize.

Synchronize action on rolecenter EM



This video was created in an earlier version of the solution. There may be some slight differences in appearances, but the overall functionality is still accurate.