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Expense Management users can be divided into three main categories: expense users, approvers, and admins.

User CategoryDescriptionMinimum Business Central license requirements
Expense userA user who submits expenses. This is typically an employee who has work-related expenses.No license required
ApproverA user who approves expenses submitted by expense users. This is typically a manager who oversees a number of employees.Team Member license
AdminTypically an accountant or HR manager who audits the expenses and posts them once they've been approved.Essentials license

These categories are only a conceptual categorization of roles to help you understand the solution and carry out a correct setup. Users can have one or more roles at the same time, or none of them. You must make sure that each user has the minimum Business Central license required. If a user, for example, has all three roles – expense user, approver, and admin – this user must at least have an Essentials license since that's required by the admin role. See the Microsoft article Licensing in Dynamics 365 Business Central for more info.

The upcoming units will show you how to configure users who exclusively submit expenses, approve expenses, or manage expenses. These configurations can be combined in any way suitable, since users often have more than one role, such as being both an expense user and an approver.

Before you continue, check out this video for at quick introduction to the Continia User Setup page, where you set up expense approvers and admins.