Reopen a registered document

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Occasionally you may find that a document has been registered incorrectly. The recognized due date or the posting description may be wrong, or perhaps the wrong vendor was used. In such cases, you have the option of reopening the document to start all over again. When you reopen a document, the originally registered document will be deleted, and a new one is then created when you re-register. However, this is only possible if the originally registered document wasn't posted. Once a document has been posted, we recommend correcting or canceling it using standard Business Central functionality – see the Microsoft article Correct or Cancel Unpaid Purchase Invoices.


The concept of reopening and re-registering documents as described in this article only applies to purchase invoices and credit memos.

You can reopen a document from:

  • the purchase document card that you can access either from the lists of open purchase invoices or open purchase credit memos.
  • the document journal.

The outcome is the same for both methods, but the navigation is different.

From the document card

  1. On the Role Center, select either Open PIs or Open PCMs depending on the type of document you want to reopen.
  2. Select the relevant purchase invoice/credit memo.
  3. Select Invoice/Credit Memo > Document Card.
  4. Select Home > Reopen.

From the document journal

  1. On the Role Center, select Ready to Register.
  2. In the Status Filter field, select Registered.
  3. Select the document that you want to reopen and then select Home > Reopen.


If unposted invoices and posted invoices use the same number series that doesn't allow gaps, Business Central will automatically post empty invoices when it reopens them.

When you've reopened a document, it appears in the document journal and the Ready to Register Cue in the Role Center. You can then make the necessary adjustments and register it all over again.

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This video demonstrates how you reopen a document after you've registered it.