Configure Statement Intelligence on the bank card

  • 5 min.

When you set up statement intelligence on the bank card, you decide how you want Statement Intelligence to make standard matches in the reconciliation. The setup on the bank card offers options to adjust just how restrictive the criteria for matching should be.

To set up Statement Intelligence on the bank card, follow these steps:

  1. From the Role Center, search for Payment Management Setup and select the related link.
  2. On the Payment Management Setup page, select Manual Setup, and in the list, select Banks.
  3. In the bank overview, select the bank for which you want to set up Statement Intelligence.
  4. Under the Statement Intelligence FastTab, you need to look into the following few settings.
    PM bank 02

The following four settings are by default enabled. This means that when the reconcilliation is performed automatically, these factors will be included in the search for a match.

  • Search for Customer
  • Search for Vendor
  • Search for Employee
  • Search for Date/Amount

In the fields Tolerance Days - Before and Tolerance Days - After, you can specify the number of days that the posting date for a customer-, vendor-, or employee ledger entry can deviate from a bank statement line transaction date, and still be automatically matched with the bank account ledger entries or create journal lines. The transaction date is stated on the bank statement line.

Specify the number of days before and after the transaction date that you want to allow Payment Management to search for matching bank account ledger entries. The transaction date is stated on the bank account reconciliation line.

Next up, you'll learn more details about setting up notifications.


The following video gives you a short introduction to the bank card, and shows you how to set up Statement Intelligence on the bank card.