Adjust email recipients

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Email templates specify how email addresses used in Document Output are located from fields in reports or database tables. To begin with, Document Output is set up to fetch each vendor or customer’s primary contact email address in Business Central, and if this is not available, to then use an email address related to a contact for each vendor or customer.

Recipients setup

You can view and adjust how Document Output identifies recipients for each email template through the Recipients Setup FactBox.

E-Mail Template Card_Recipients Setup_FactBox

Email addresses can be sourced from a range of locations in Business Central or other connected databases used at your company. The New action adds lines for extra potential locations of email addresses, and the actions Move Up and Move Down set the order of priority for email addresses that are located through the lookup. Each time an email template is used, the highest priority successful lookup for each customer or vendor is used for sending the email.

DO Learn Mod 2-12-CDO Template Recipient Setup New Move Up Down

Create exception recipients for customers or vendors

Occasionally, vendors and customers prefer documents to be sent to addresses that are different to those located by the email template's recipient setup priorities. This is handled from the customer or vendor card, through the Email Recipients settings in the Document Output FactBox.

Customer Card_DO FactBox_E-Mail Recipients

The Email Recipients setup page allows you to make an individual recipient exception for one document type by choosing Email Template, and then selecting the associated document code. With Email Template Group, you can instead send a category of document types to the same recipients, for example all sales-related documents for a customer could be sent to the same email address.

E-Mail Recipients Document Type Template Group

Sometimes a vendor or customer will ask that the documents be sent to a department within the company, or a specific person should be sent the emails, or added as a recipient in addition to the main contact email. The options in the Email Type column allow you to choose from an existing contact in Business Central, or to add a new email address.

E-Mail Recipients_E-Mail Type_Contact


In the scenario video, Ester applies two requested changes to email recipients.

Ester needs to work on these tasks:

  • For one vendor, change the recipient for the purchase order email template to an email address
  • For one customer, change the recipient for all email templates related to sales, to add an extra contact from the same organization

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