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By default, Document Output uses email to send documents from Business Central. However, customers and vendors often have different requests for delivery methods, and increasingly companies need to meet new legal requirements for sending and receiving electronic documents.

Output profiles specify how customers and vendors receive documents from you. You can select from a preset list of output profiles, or create new custom output profiles. Documents can be sent by one or a combination of the following:

  • emails with PDF documents
  • printed
  • electronic documents via a secure file transfer network such as Peppol

You can also setup an output profile to skip sending through Document Output for specific email templates, or for all document types.

Adjust a customer or vendor's output profile

In new installations of Document Output, customers and vendors will have the default output profile that sends by email only. You can change this delivery method in the customer or vendor card, using the Output Profile setting in the Document Output FactBox.

Customer Card_DO FactBox_Output Profile

In the Output Profiles list, the EMAIL-PRINT profile code could be used for a customer who wants to receive an emailed PDF but also wants a physical copy of each document printed and sent by mail. These details are specified with PDF in the Email column and a check mark in the Print column.

Select Output Profiles

Differentiating output profiles by email template

A customer or vendor's output profile can be different for each email template. In fact, this is already set up for the file transfer network output profiles such as PEPPOLBIS3 and XRECHNUNG2, which only accept a small range of document types. To view these details, open the Output Profiles list through the main Document Output > Setup menu.

In the Output Profiles list, there are five lines set up for the PEPPOLBIS3 Profile Code.

  • The bottom four of these lines specify different email templates that should be sent as PDF and XML (e-document), and list the relevant e-document setup code for the Peppol network.

  • The first line of this group is the main line, and has no email template specified. All email templates that are not specified in the other lines will apply the output profile for this line, in this case, PDF by email only.

DO Learn Mod 2-2-DO Setup menu Output Profiles (1)

Create a new output profile

To create a new output profile with different outputs for different email templates, you need to create at least two output profile lines. The first line creates the same output for most of your email templates. The other lines specify the email templates that have different outputs.

To create the first line, select the New action, and then:

  • at Profile Code, enter a unique identifier. In the example image, PR-STATE_EMAIL-OTHER is used.
  • in the Description column, enter text for your own reference.
  • in the Template column leave the field blank, because this is the setup for the majority of email templates. Document Output automatically bolds the profile code for this line to show that it's the main line for this output profile.
  • in the Email and Print columns, specify the output setup for the majority of your email templates. In the example, PDF is selected in the Email column, and the Print column has no check mark. So unless otherwise specified, email templates will have a PDF email output.

Create a second line with the same profile code, but:

  • in the Template column, specify the exception email template. In the example, Statement is specified in the template column.
  • in the Email and Print columns, specify how only this email template should have output. In the example, the setup is that statements will be printed but email will be skipped.

If there are other email templates that need differentiated output, continue to create extra output profile lines with the same Profile Code.

DO Learn Mod 2-2-Output Profiles_New profile lines

Skip sending all documents

In some cases, a customer or vendor has requirements that mean no documents should be sent to them through Document Output. For example, a vendor requires documents to be sent with a proprietary format through a third-party operator other than the Continia Delivery Network. In these cases, you can create an output profile code which skips email and leaves all other methods unchecked.

Alternatively, if you get a large amount of new customers or vendors who should skip sending through Document Output, you can enable the setting for Skip Email if No Output Profile in the Document Output Setup page. Then leave the output profile blank on the vendor or customer cards.


With the Skip Email if No Output Profile setting, all customers or vendors without an output profile set up will not receive any documents through Document Output. This is a global setting that affects all recipients.

DO Setup_Skip E-Mail if No Output Profile

Update a group of customers

If a group of your customers need the same output profile, you can set this up quickly in one customer update.

  • From the main Document Output menu, use the Customer action, and then Customer Setup List.
  • Use the Update Customers action to select the output profile.
  • Select the Output Profile.
  • Use the filter the list to quickly apply a setup to a selected group, for example by Country/Region Code.
  • Select Change Existing setup if you want to override existing customer output profiles. Otherwise only customers without an output profile set up will get this update.

You can also override existing customer output profiles with the option to Change Existing setup. When change existing setup is used, you can still change the output profile for individual customers as needed.


You can set up a common output profile for vendors in a similar way, by using the Update Vendors action in Document Output's Vendor Setup List.

DO Learn Mod 2-13-Update Customer Setup Output Profile Change exist


In the scenario video, Ester has been asked to make three changes to delivery methods.

She needs to work on these tasks:

  • Set up a vendor card so that reports are printed out as well as emailed.
  • Set up a customer card so that sales invoices are sent via the Peppol secure network, but all other documents are sent with email.
  • Disable Document Output for sending purchase orders to one vendor, who requires these documents sent through a different proprietary file transfer system.

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