• 2 min.

Document Output has a range of settings which allow you to adjust how Business Central documents are sent to customers and vendors. This module will cover some key parts of the settings.

  • Each email template has a specific email recipients setup which determines where Business Central finds the contact email address and contact details for each document.
  • From customer and vendor cards, you can create exceptions for special cases when the email template recipient isn’t suitable. You can make customer or vendor exceptions to the recipients for single email templates, and also a group of email templates.
  • With output profiles, you can control the method used for delivering documents. The default is email, but you can adjust this for each customer in very flexible ways, such as sending reports as XML documents, or printing out, or a combination of these. For each customer, you can also set these output profiles differently depending on the email template.
  • All your sent documents are recorded in the Document Output log, so you can quickly investigate when customers and vendors ask about sending of reports.


This module follows a series of scenarios faced by Ester, a bookkeeper at Cronus. Ester has already set up a number of email templates in Document Output, but now she needs to adjust the delivery methods to meet requirements set by Cronus’ customers and vendors.