Activate the Document Approval module

  • 3 min.

Document Capture approval is built on top of the standard Business Central approval functionality, which it extends by adding a large number of additional approval features. For more details, see this list.

Enable the Document Approval module

Before setting up approvals in Document Capture, you need to ensure that the Document Approval module has been enabled. To check this, select the search icon, enter Continia Solution Management, and then select the related link. The FactBox on the right will indicate if the module has been enabled or not.

Continia Soultion Management DC installed


When you're in trial mode, all modules are automatically enabled.

If the module hasn't been activated already, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Document Capture record.

  2. Select Manage > Manage Modules.

  3. Follow the guide, and make sure the Document Approval module is activated.


Once the approval module has been activated, your subscription policy is also automatically updated to include approvals.

Enable approval workflows

An approval workflow is a series of steps that documents must pass through in order to be fully approved. You enable the available approval workflows by running the Set up approval workflow assisted setup guide.

  1. Search for Assisted setup and choose the related link.

  2. Under the Continia Document Capture section, select Set up approval workflow.

  3. Follow the assisted setup guide, and activate all approval workflows:

    • Purchase Invoice Approval
    • Purchase Credit Memo Approval
    • Force Approval
  4. If you want to set up users as approvers right away, select Open Continia User Setup, and then edit the list of users as needed. You can also do this later, following the next unit.

Now that you've run the assisted setup guide and enabled the approval workflows, the workflows are also created in the standard Business Central workflow table.


When you've activated the above Document Capture approval workflows without making any adjustments, every single document needs to be approved without exception.

The backbone of the approval module has now been set up. Next, you need to set up users and templates, which we'll go through in the upcoming units.