Approve documents using Business Central

  • 10 min.

You can manage approvals directly in Business Central without any further setup or installations. Business Central may be the preferred approval client for approvers that are already working in Business Central as part of their daily routine. Document Capture also comes with a Role Center that's tailored to users whose only task in Business Central is to manage approvals. These types of users typically have a team member license, and we recommend that they use the Continia Document Capture Approver Role Center, as this Role Center is built for approvers and only contains information relevant to the approval process.

To access the tailored Role Center made specifically for approvers, follow these steps:

  1. Select the settings icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Change the role to Continia Document Capture Approver.

    Continia Document Capture Approver rolecenter

The Role Center is very simple and only focuses on document approval. There are three available options:

Pending ApprovalThe number of documents that have been sent directly to you.
Pending Shared ApprovalThe number of documents that have been sent to other users and which you can approve on their behalf.
Document ArchiveA searchable database with archived documents that have been approved and posted.

The Cues Pending Approval and Pending Shared Approval lead to the same page when selected. The only difference is the counter indicating the number of documents. When you select one of the Cues, you'll be directed to the Purchase Approval Entries page, which is where personal approval is managed in Business Central.

Purchase Approval page

From here you can approve, reject, forward, put on hold, make comments, set up out-of-office approval sharing, etc., by selecting a document record in the list at the top and then selecting the relevant action.

Sometimes you need information that isn't visible in the Purchase Approval Entries list before you approve. You can open the document card to get more details by selecting the document record in the top list and then selecting Document. The actions available on the Purchase Approval Entries page are also available on the document card under the submenus Approve and Invoice.

Purchase invoice card

When a document has been approved or rejected, it will disappear from the list and appear on the next user's list if a second approver has been assigned.


This video demonstrates how to approve sent documents directly from Business Central.