Set up general features for bank transactions

  • 2 min.

After activating the Credit Card Transactions module, it's time to set up a number of general features on the Expense Management Setup page. To do this, choose the search icon, enter Expense Management Setup, and then choose the related link. Expand the Bank Transactions FastTab.

Expense Management Setup with bank transactions folded out.

The most important ones are Post at import and Disable duplicate check.

Post at import defines whether you want to post transactions straight away when the credit card transactions have been imported from the bank, or if you want to do it manually later on. The default is Post at import.


You can't disable Post at import if you use expense reports.

Disable duplicate check defines whether Expense Management should look for transactions that might be duplicates and warn you about them. If two imported transactions look identical with regard to date, amount, and time, you will have to handle that transaction manually.