Set up of payment notifications

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In the assisted Payment Management Setup guide that you completed earlier, you defined how you want to notify your vendors about completed payments. In the manual Payment Notification Setup, you can set up further details to, for example, inform a vendor about which invoices are included in a summarized payment.

Depending on your company's needs, you can set up the parameters for notifying your vendors in several places in Business Central. Payment Management determines which notification settings to use for a specific payment based on the following hierarchy.

HierarchyDefined notification settings
1Purchase Document
2Vendor Card
3Payment method
4Payment Notification Setup

When sending a notification, Payment Management will first look to using the notification settings defined on the purchase document. If there aren't any notification settings on the purchase document, Payment Management will use the settings defined on the vendor card instead, and so on.

Configure the Payment Notification Setup

As you can see in the hierarchy above, Payment Management only uses the Payment Notification Setup if there are no notification settings specified elsewhere.

To set up payment notifications in the Payment Notification Setup, follow these steps:

  1. From the Role Center, select the search icon, enter Payment Management Setup, and choose the related link.
  2. From the Payment Management Setup page, select Manual setup.
  3. Select Payment Notification Setup.
  4. The Payment Notification Setup page opens and from there you can add, delete, and edit the default payment notification setup.
    PM Payment Notification Setup

General settings

In the Payment Notification FastTab, you can set up the following general settings for the default payment notification:

  • Default Notification Template specifies the standard template you want to use.

  • Default Notification Method specifies if you want the notification to be sent only as a bank notification, or if you want to give the vendor the convenience of an email too.


    You can set up the email template from the action menu.

  • Limit Notification Size ensures that if the size of the notification with summarized payments exceeds the maximum size allowed by the bank, the payments are split into summarized payments that accommodate the maximum size allowed. If you disable this setting, the notification method must be Bank & Email, because notifications that exceed the limit can only be sent by email.

  • BCC Email for Payment Notifications specifies the email address to which a copy of all email notifications should be sent.

  • Email Sending Method defines if the email notification should be sent manually from the payment journal, automatically when you post the payment journal, or via a job queue.

    If you choose the latter, the Job Queue Setup section appears with the following field.

    • Default Email Notification Language defines the language code that controls which language layer to use for the notifications. If the field is blank, the language layer is English, unless something else is specified directly on the vendor.

Payment notification templates

In the Payment Notification Templates section, you can view or edit existing payment notification templates, or create new ones. In the Preview section, you can see a preview of the selected notification.

The payment notification template includes information about:

  • A Recipient Reference Template that is used for short notifications (usually up to 20 characters long).
  • A Payment Notification Template that is used for the information you want to include in payment notifications based on the selected template and if the notification should be compressed to contain as few characters as possible.

Set up notifications on the vendor card

You can set up notifications directly on the vendor card to automatically apply the settings to all purchase documents for that vendor from then on. Payment Management uses the settings on the vendor card if there are no notification settings specified on the purchase document.

  1. From the Role Center, search for Vendors, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the list of vendors, select the relevant vendor.
  3. In the Payments FastTab, in the Notification section, specify the receipient email, the notification template and the notification method for the vendor.

Set up notifications on payment methods

In situations where a specific payment method always requires a specific notification, you can set up notifications directly on the payment method. Payment Management uses the notifications settings specified for the payment method if there are no notification settings specified on the purchase document or the vendor card.

  1. From the Role Center, search for Payment Methods, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the payment method list, select the payment method for which a payment notification must be set up.
  3. Fill in the Default Notification Template and Notification Method.
    PM Payment Method notification setup


Remember that it is the hierarchy that defines which notification template that'll be used by Payment Management.


This video goes through the details of the Payment Notification Setup page, and the setup of email templates.