Key settings on the vendor

  • 4 min.

In the vendor setup, it's all about how you want to handle the payments for the vendor. During the assisted setup of vendor payment information, you already configured many of the default settings, but on the vendor card, you can always make additional changes if you need to.

PM vendor setup

The key settings for vendor payments

Under the Payments FastTab, you can see which settings have already been set up for the vendor, and change them if necessary:

  • Balance Account No.
  • Payment Method Code
  • Allow Summarizing Payments
  • Recipient E-mail for notifications
  • Limit Notification Size
  • Notification Template
  • Notification Method

Alternative vendor information

When you post a purchase document, it is validated and in situations where the data on the vendor does not live up to the requirements set by the bank, you can update the vendor information in the fields on the Alternative Vendor Information FastTab. You can, for example, remove special characters or maybe add an abbreviation of the vendor name, and in this way, not have to change the original vendor information.


This video takes you through the most noteworthy settings on the vendor card, including the alternative vendor information.