Manage and edit the regular approval flow

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When configuring the Continia User Setup, you get the option to give certain users elevated privileges, like Approval Administrator and Can Edit Approved Documents. These privileges are typically given to admins and/or accountants. You'll be introduced to the elevated privileges users get when the Approval Administrator field is enabled. As an approval administrator, you have the privileges to forward an approval from one approver to another, and to force approve a submission.

Approval Administrator

To forward an approval from one approver to another, open any of the submission lists, and select Actions > Functions > Forward Approval.

Forward approval in BC

A new page will open. Here you can select which user will approve the submission instead. Simply select the user, and then select OK.

Delegate to approver list

A submission can only be forwarded if its status is Pending Approval. If there are several approvers for one submission, only the approval entry with status Open will be forwarded. To check if a submission has several approvers, simply select the value in Approval By on any of the submissions list.

Approval by flowfield select
Approval entries list

In the case above, you would only be able to forward the approval entry belonging to Robin Bettencourt because it has the status Open. From this page, the approval administrator can also add approvers by selecting Add Approver and then choosing an approver from the list that pops up.

Next is the Force Approval action, which can only be run by approval administrators. To force approve a submission, the submission must have the status Open. Normally, you must reopen the submission before being able to force approve it. To reopen a submission, select Action > Functions > Reopen on any of the submission lists.

Reopen action

Once the submission has the status Open, select Action > Functions > Force Approve.


All approval limits and the approval hierarchy will be bypassed when doing this.

Can Edit Approved Documents

The Can Edit Approved Documents privilege lets you edit some of the fields on an approved submission. Simply open the submission to see which fields you can edit. The editable fields are white while the noneditable fields are grayed out. Users who don't have the privilege to edit approved documents will have all fields grayed out.

Posted Expense Card with editable fields

This feature can be helpful if there are cases where you want to change a field, such as the G/L Account or the dimension, or if an expense user forgot to enter some minor details that you want to correct.