Configure fields in the Expense App

  • 6 min.

With Expense Management, you can easily configure the fields that are shown to expense users in the Expense App. This means you don't have to customize the solution with coding if, for example, you want to add new fields in the Expense App. This useful if you need to know the country/region that an expense is related to, or if you want expense users to enter a dimension value for each submission. You can customize each of the four submission types by following these steps:

  1. Go to Configured Fields.

  2. You'll see the fields that are visible to expense users by default. To select the type of submission – meaning per diem, mileage, expense, or expense report – you want to configure, select Process on the action bar, and then select the relevant submission type.

    Configured fields - expense
  3. On Fields on the Header FastTab, select Manage > New Line to add a new field. Description 2 has been added to the Expense header field as an example.

  4. If you instead want to delete a field, select the relevant field, and then select Manage > Delete Line.

  5. If you want to hide any of the fields by default, select the checkbox(es) in the Hide visibility by default column.

  6. Once you're done configuring the fields, select Continia Online > Force Synchronize with Continia Online.

In the Expense App, the expense page now has an extra field where expense users can enter information.

Expense App with description 2