Post approved submissions

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After submissions have been created and gone through the complete approval flow, they will have the status Released. The next step is to post the released submissions, but before doing that, it's helpful to get an overview of released submissions and have the option to audit them. There are several ways of getting an overview, and we will explore them below.

Ready to post

The Role Centers of these roles:

  • Continia Expense Management

  • Continia Expense Management Limited

  • Business Manager

  • Accountant

Have an Expense Management Activities part that indicates how many submissions are in each status. To navigate to the Expense Management Activities part, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the settings icon > My Settings.

  2. Change Role to one of the listed roles above.

  3. Select OK > OK.

The Expense Management Activities part on the Role Center looks like this:

Expense Management Activities on Rolecenter

Here you can see how many submissions are in each status, including Ready to Post. You can get a list of submissions by selecting the tile you want to see.

Ready to post expenses


You can look up further details by selecting the value in the Comment column on the left side of the table.

From the list, you can either post, post batch, or preview post by selecting Action > Posting.

Posting actions on expenses

The Post action simply posts the submission. Preview Posting works the same way as the Business Central standard feature, where you get a preview of the ledger entries. Post Batch… lets you post multiple submissions in one go. When using the Post batch…, a request page pops up where you can set different options and filter criteria for the batch posting.

Batch post request page


Each submission type has slightly different options and filter criteria on their request page.


The Continia Expense Management Role Center has an Insights part, where all submissions are listed and grouped by status and expense user. To navigate to the Insights part, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the settings icon > My Settings.

  2. Change the Role to Continia Expense Management.

  3. Select OK > OK.

At the bottom of the Role Center, you'll find the Insights part.

Expense Management Insights part

From here you can see how many submissions are in the different statuses and the total amount of those submissions. The total balance of the employee is also shown in the right column of each table. You can drill down on each field by selecting the number to see a list of the underlying submissions.

Expenses ready to post on specific user

From here you can Post, Post Batch and Preview Post just as above by selecting Actions > Posting.


Once the submissions have been posted, you can always find them again by simply selecting the search icon and entering either Posted Expenses, Posted Mileages, Posted Per Diems, or Posted Expense Reports and then selecting the related link. This opens a list where you can search or filter your way to the submissions you want to find.

Expense Management also extends Business Central's Find Entries action, where you can find all documents and entries related to a specific ledger entry. When using the Find Entries action, submissions from Expense Management will be listed on the page.

Find entries on posted expense