Reimburse expense users

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The last step of managing submissions is to reimburse expense users for their expenses. When managing the reimbursement of submissions, the Continia Users Default Setup is important in determining at which point the submissions are marked as reimbursed. To check the reimbursement methods, choose the search icon, enter Continia Users Default Setup, and then select the related link.

Reimbursment methods in Continia Users Default Setup
Vendor (On User)The user will be reimbursed from inside Business Central, with a direct payment to the user’s account: Vendor or Employee.
External SystemThe user will be reimbursed in an external payroll system. If integration exists with this payroll system, the account will be validated before posting.
BothThe reimbursable amount will be posted in Business Central, but it will still appear as not reimbursed, meaning you will have to manually mark it as reimbursed.


Direct integration with an external payroll system is currently only supported in Denmark, and only with certain providers. If you choose this method, then you can manually export a report for a given month (or other time period), and send it to the person responsible for handling salaries.

Check that you have the right setup for your company's needs.

Expense Management has three separate reimbursement pages where you get an overview over the different submission types that are ready to be reimbursed. To navigate to the reimbursement pages, choose the search icon, enter either Expense Reimbursement, Mileage Reimbursement, or Expense Reimbursement, and then choose the related link.


The individual submissions in an expense report are found on their respective reimbursement pages.

Expense Reimbursment Page

The reimbursement views can be filtered by date intervals, and the total can be displayed in Amounts and Quantity, among others. The total is also distributed over a dynamic range of columns for each document type. On the Expense Reimbursement page, for example, totals are displayed over each expense type. On the Mileage Reimbursement page, totals are displayed for each mileage rate while totals are shown for each per diem group on the Per Diem Reimbursement page. If the reimbursement method for the related submission type is set to Internal (on User) or Both, the submissions will be marked as reimbursed as soon as they are posted. Afterwards, you can reimburse expenses via Business Central's standard Payment Journal. If you have External Payroll System as reimbursement method, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to one of the three reimbursement pages.

  2. Set a Date Filter for the period you would like to have the overview. You could, for example, set filters to the previous month.

  3. Make sure View by is set to Ready to be Reimbursed.

  4. Make sure View as is set to Amount.

  5. At this stage, you might want to transfer the reimbursable amounts to an external payroll system. You can do it manually by typing information into that system or by selecting Export to Excel. The Excel file generated can be sent to the relevant people.

  6. When you get a confirmation that an expense user has been reimbursed in the external payroll system, you can mark the relevant expenses in the current view as Reimbursed so that you avoid reimbursing them again another time. Do this by selecting the action Reimburse on the action bar.