Approve documents in the Continia Web Approval Portal

  • 9 min.

Approval management can also be conducted through the Continia Web Approval Portal, which is a browser-based platform. One of the benefits of using the Web Approval Portal is that access is restricted to approvals only, meaning users can't navigate to vendor cards, payment information, bank accounts, etc. The Web Approval also has a smartphone/tablet-friendly interface, making it the recommended choice if you intend to use smartphones and tablets for approving.

Before you can use the Web Approval Portal, you must set up a few elements more in the Azure admin environment. See the guide here.

After configuring Azure, go to the Continia User Setup page and set the Approval Client to Continia Web Approval Portal for users who'll have access to the Web Approval Portal.

Approval client Continia User Setup card

Go back to the Continia User Setup list, and select Export Users. All new users will automatically get a welcome email with a link to the Web Approval Portal sign-in page. The link in the email depends on whether the portal connects to a production or sandbox tenant.

Welcome email to Continia CWAP


A default email account must be set up before Expense Management can send emails to the users. See the Microsoft guide Set Up Email.

To sign in to the Continia Web Approval Portal, follow the link in the welcome mail. When opening the sign-in page, select Sign-In with Microsoft 365, and enter your Office 365 username and password.

Web Approval Portal sign in page Microsoft

The start page shows a list of all open approvals for users who have logged in. The list, by default, shows expenses, but you can easily switch to other submission types by selecting the Expense Management dropdown menu and then selecting a submission type.

CWAP EM dropdown menu

You can select one of the records in the list to see a card with information about the approval request. You can approve, reject, forward, put on hold, make comments, etc. from both the approval list and approval card by selecting the actions at the top of the page.

CWAP Expense Card

Just as in Business Central, expense reports are a bit special, as they each are a collection of other documents. When opening an expense report, the attachment to the documents in the top of the list is displayed. You can easily see any other attachments by selecting a line with an attachment.

CWAP Expense report mileage  attachment

You can also dive deeper into each submission by selecting View on the line you want to examine further.

CWAP Mileage card to expense report

To go back to the expense report card, select Return to expense report. After a document has been approved, or rejected, it will disappear from the lists and appear on the next user's list, if there's a second approver.


When approving an expense report, all related expenses, mileages, and per diems are included in the approval. You can't approve individual expenses, mileages, or per diems when they are attached to an expense report.