Approve documents in Business Central

  • 10 min.

You can manage approvals directly in Business Central without having to set up anything else. Business Central might be the preferred approval portal if the approvers already work in Business Central as part of their daily routine. Expense Management comes with a page made for approving submitted documents (expenses, per diems, mileages, or expense reports). There are two ways of navigating to the Expense Management Approval Entries. The first way is to change your Role Center to one that has the Approval Entries tile.

  1. Choose the settings icon on the top right corner.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Change the Role to Continia Expense Management.

  4. Select OK > OK. This will reload the Role Center.

  5. Select the tile Approval Entries.


  1. Choose the search icon, enter Expense Management Approval Entries, and then choose the related link.


You can bookmark the link if you want a shortcut to the list in your Role Center.

Expense Management Approval Entries bookmark

Once you've navigated to the Expense Management Approval Entries, the page will show you a list of your personal open approvals.

EM approval entries list

From here, you can approve, reject, forward, put on hold, make comments, etc. by marking the document and selecting the relevant action.

Sometimes you might need more information than can be seen on the Expense Management Approval Entries list before approving. You can open a card for the document by marking the document and selecting View to get all details.

Expense Card

Expense reports are a bit special, as each one is a collection of expenses, mileages, or per diems. When opening an Expense Report Card, the preview of attachments will by default show the attachment for the first document.

Expense Report card

However, you can also see the attachments of all other documents by expanding the FastTab and selecting the line with the attachment you want to see.

Expense Report Card with milage attachment

After a document has been approved, or rejected, it will disappear from the Expense Management Approval Entries list and appear on the next user's list if there's a second approver.


When approving an expense report, all related expenses, mileages, and per diems are included in the approval. You can't approve individual expenses, mileages, or per diems when they are attached to an expense report.