Set up approval users

  • 3 min.

Before starting on approvals, you should confirm that the Continia User Setup has been configured correctly. Start by navigating to the Continia User Setup page. Choose the search icon, enter Continia User Setup, and then choose the related link.

Expense User

Firstly, make sure that all expense users have an Approver Name assigned to them. The Approver Name field specifies the approver who has to approve submitted expenses.

Approver name on  Continia User Setup card


Next, you should make sure that one of the Approval Limit fields is filled out so that the approver either has Unlimited or an Amount. Approvers with an Approval Amount must also have an Approver Name, as a request will be forwarded automatically to the Approval Name if the amount is higher than the approver's approval limit.


Make sure that the Approver Name has a higher approval limit than the approver you are setting up. You should also have at least one approver with unlimited approval amount at the top of the hierarchy to prevent an document getting stuck in an approval flow because no one is allowed to approve.

Expense Management has two different portals where approvers can manage approvals. It can be done directly in Business Central or in the Continia Web Approval Portal. Approvers are, by default, set up to only approve in Business Central, but you can easily change this by setting the value of Approval Portal to Continia Web Approval Portal.


When changing the Approval Portal, you must select the action Export Users from the Continia User Setup page to update the Web Approval Portal. This will also automatically send a welcome email to the approver, notifying them that they now have access to the Web Approval Portal. If the approver has already received a welcome email, Expense Management won't send a new one, but you can always manually re-send by selecting Send Welcome Email on the Continia User Setup page.

The approvers will get an email with a hyperlink to the Web Approval Portal.

CWAP welcome email


The link will redirect to if the mail is sent from a sandbox and to if sent from a production environment.