Choose a Role Center

  • 7 min.

User Settings is a standard Business Central function that determines the user's interface, among other things. You can manage the interface by assigning Profiles to users on the User Setting page.

When you install Document Capture, two new profiles are created:

  • Continia Document Capture
  • Continia Document Capture Approver

Additionally, several of the existing profiles are extended with new shortcuts and activities in their respective Role Centers. For example, the Business Manager and Accountant profiles are extended with a Document Capture section.

Business Manager
Accountant extended Role Center
Business Manager extended Role Center

Users can change their own profiles, provided that they have the necessary permissions, but you may want to set up their profiles for them. Try for yourself and have a look through the different Role Centers by changing your own profile.

  • Select the settings icon icon:settings small > My Settings, and then change your role.

When you've decided which profiles fit best for your company's users, you can assign the profiles to individual users or to user groups. See the Microsoft article Manage Profiles for more information.


This video demonstrates how to switch between Role Centers and how to set up user permissions using user groups.


This video was created in an earlier version of Document Capture where you manually had to add the mandatory permission sets for existing users. In the current version, the permission sets are assigned automatically to existing users during the activation process.