Set up general features for expense reports

  • 5 min.

Setting up expense reports is quite simple, with all the configurable fields being located on the Expense Management Setup page. To navigate to the expense report setup, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Expense Management Setup.

  2. Set the field Expense Report to either Mandatory or Optional. This will enable the Expense Report tab on the page.


If Expense Report is set to Mandatory, then all registrations of expenses, mileages, and per diems must be attached to an expense report.

  1. Expand the Expense Report tab.
Expense report setup tab

Here you can see all the configurations available for expense reports. Focus will be on only a number of the fields in this module.

Expense ReportSpecifies if expense reports are disabled, optional, or mandatory. When disabled, some functionality will be hidden, and expense reports can't be created. When set to mandatory, all expenses, mileages, and per diems must be attached to an expense report.
Enable Departure and Return Date/TimeSpecifies whether the Departure and Return Date/Time fields should be shown on an expense report. If you enable this setting and then synchornize with Continia Online, two new related fields will become available on the Mobile App and Web Expense Portal. If users submit an expense for an expense report outside of this date range, a comment will be added to the relevant expense line for admins.
Expense Report Pre-approvalSpecifies options for how preapproval for expense reports should be handled. If the field is set to optional or mandatory, a new feature where expense users can get a specified amount preapproved, even before adding expenses, mileages, and per diems, is enabled.

Adding additional field codes

It may be useful to add field codes to an expense report such as a project number or task number. Each of the submitted individual expenses in an expense report will then inherit these fields in the expense report header.



This video was created in an earlier version of the solution. There may be some slight differences in appearances, but the overall functionality is still accurate.