Submit expense reports via the Expense App

  • 2 min.

Expense users can submit expense reports through the Expense App and the Expense Portal.

To start a submission of an expense report, select New Report.

Mobile App New Report (1)

From here, you can create new expenses, mileages, or per diems by selecting the relevant icons. The expense, mileage, or per diem will automatically be attached to the expense report when saved. Fill in the fields and/or add the submission, and then select Create.

Expense app report header

However, you don't have to add an expense, mileage or per diem by going through the expense report. You can also add existing expenses, mileages, or per diems to an existing expense report. To do this, simply open an expense, mileage, or per diem, and fill in the field Add to Report located at the bottom, and then select Save. Once saved, the expense, mileage, or per diem will automatically be added to the expense report.

Expense app focus on add to report



This video was created in an earlier version of the solution. There may be some slight differences in appearances, but the overall functionality is still accurate.