Set up general features for mileages

  • 2 min.

Before setting up mileage rates, you should go through the general setup for mileages on the Expense Management Setup page. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Expense Management Setup page.

  2. Expand the Mileage FastTab.

EM setup_Mileage setup tab

Here, you can configure a number of general features for mileages. In this module, you're introduced some of the main fields.

Distance Difference Allowed (%)Specifies a percentage of variance allowed between the user's registered distance compared to the calculated distance from Google Maps. When the difference is outside of the allowed limits, an error will be associated with the mileage.
Calculate across companiesSpecifies if mileages should be calculated across companies for users in multiple companies. The user mileage balance will increase in proportion to all mileages in all companies rather than just the current company.
Deduct distance between home and officeSpecifies if the home-to-office distance (regular commute) should be deducted from mileages starting or ending at the home address.


If you enable Deduct distance between home and office, you must also define the distance between the expense user's home and office. You can do this on the Continia User Setup Card.

Configure the fields to your company's needs, and exit the Expense Management Setup page using the Back button. This will automatically synchronize the Expense Portal and the Expense App with the newest setup.