Submit per diems through the Expense App

  • 7 min.

Expense users can submit per diems through the Expense App.

To submit a per diem, select New Per Diem.

Expense App landing page New Per Diem

Fill in Departure Date Time and Return Date Time for the period you are entitled to per diem reimbursement. The Expense App will automatically calculate how many days the trip covers and create the corresponding Days. Next, you can define which allowances you are entitled to each separate day. To do this, select the blue ribbon with Days written in it.

Expense App per diem days

To set the allowances for all days simultaneously, select the pen icon. To set the allowances for each individual day, simply select the day for which you want to set allowances.

Expense App per diem Set allowances for days

By default, the allowances will either all be enabled or disabled, depending on how you've configured the Per Diem FastTab on the Expense Management Setup page.


Accommodation allowances can't be added to the first day of a per diem.

Expense App allowance list selection

Once you have set all allowances, select Apply, and repeat the process for each day that you need to edit.

Go back to the Per Diem page, add a description, and swipe the Submit slider once you've finished. Alternatively, you can save the per diem by selecting the Save action and then submit it later.


The amount field will by default start with Pending Calculation and will be calculated automatically the next time that the synchronization action is run from Business Central.

Expense App per diem ready to submit



This video was created in an earlier version of the solution. There may be some slight differences in appearances, but the overall functionality is still accurate.