Set up expense users

  • 4 min.

Expense users have the lowest privileges of the three user categories. They don't need access to Business Central, so they don't require a Business Central license. They submit expenses from a separate mobile app or webpage (Continia Mobile App; Continia Expense Portal). This makes it possible to set up an unlimited number of expense users without having to purchase extra Business Central licenses.

If expenses are to be reimbursed directly to expense users from Business Central, you must set up a vendor or employee and link to the user setup for posting. This means you must create a vendor, or an employee, for every expense user to which the financial transactions will be posted. For more details on creating vendors and employees, see the Microsoft articles Register New Vendors and Register Employees.

To configure each expense user so that they can submit expenses, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the search icon, enter Continia User Setup, and then select the related link.

  2. Select New.

  3. Fill in the fields Continia User ID. If the expense user doesn't have a Business Central license, do not use the lookup function in the User ID field. Instead, manually type in a meaningful new user ID that doesn't already exist in Business Central.

  4. Specify the Approver Name, Expense User Group, Vendor No. or Employee No., and select Expense User.


If an expense user has both a vendor No. and an employee No., the financial entries will only be posted on the employee No. as employee ledger entries. If an expense user only has a vendor No., the financial entries will be posted on that vendor No. as vendor ledger entries.

Continia expense user user setup

Export users to Continia Online

After you've set up all the relevant expense users, you must export the user setup to Continia Online. To do this, select the Export Users action on the Continia User Setup page.

This will send an email with an activation link to the Expense Portal and the Expense App to the expense users.

Export users from Continia user list EM


You must set up an email account in Business Central before exporting users. Expense Management will use the default email account to send a welcome email to all new expense users. See the Microsoft article Set Up Email for more information.

The new expense users will receive a welcome email with an activation link. Selecting the link will take them to a page where they can set a password for the Expense Portal and the Expense App.

Actication email to expense user