Submit expenses via the Expense mobile app

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Expenses can be submitted either through the Expense Portal, which is a browser-based platform, or through the Expense mobile app, which is an app available on Google Play and App Store. You can access the platforms here:

QR codes to expense app

Expense mobile app

When opening the Expense mobile app, you'll first have to sign in.

There are two different methods of signing in, one using email and password and another using Microsoft 365 credentials. If the expense users have a Business Central license, they can sign in with their Microsoft 365 credentials by selecting the Microsoft 365 logo at the bottom of the login page. If they don't have a Business Central license, they need to sign in with the email and the password they chose when they activated their account through the welcome email.


If your Expense Management is running in a sandbox environment, you have to switch to demo mode to sign in. You switch between demo mode and normal mode by tapping the Continia logo seven times.

Sign in expense app

Once you have signed in, you create a new expense by selecting New Expense.

Click new expense on expense app

The recommended method to create a new expense is to start with an image of the receipt or invoice. The AI receipt scanner will recognize many details to add directly to the expense, saving the user time and reducing manual errors. Details that are captured include:

  • amount
  • currency
  • document date
  • merchant
  • VAT or GST amount

For some expense types related to carbon accounting, extra fields will also be available and could be populated with data recognized from receipts. There are many fields for carbon accounting, such as:

  • flight mileage
  • kilowatts
  • hotel star ratings

The receipt scanner also links to an auto-fill feature to save users time when the same details are recognized across multiple expenses. Payment cards recognized from receipts can auto-fill the Payment Type field, and merchants recognized from receipts can auto-fill the Expense Type field.

When all other necessary information has been entered, swipe the Submit slider.

Expense with fields filled expense app

Receipt images

With the mobile app, users can save receipts straight away at the time of purchase with the shortcut function on the mobile app. Take a picture of your receipt while holding down the app icon on your mobile phone.

Expense App holding down the icon

Receipt images will be immediately scanned and saved in your open receipt list in the Mobile App. Any receipt image added to the Mobile App is also available in the Expense Portal after synchronization. The opposite is also possible: Synchronization will also make images uploaded to the Expense Portal available on the Mobile App.

Users can then create and submit expenses at their own convenience at a later stage.


For more information about the expense mobile app, such as the notifications or color coding, please refer to the article Overview of the Continia Expense mobile app on Continia Docs.



This video was created in an earlier version of the solution. There may be some slight differences in appearances, but the overall functionality is still accurate.