Split and merge documents manually

  • 5 min.

All manual split and merge actions are performed using the Split and Merge Documents page.

To manually split and merge documents, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the document journal.

  2. In the action bar, select Document > Split and Merge.

    Split and merge documents page

To split documents

To split one document into multiple smaller documents:

  • In the list of documents, select the document that you want to split and the page from where you would like to split the document, and select Split.

Note that you can’t select the first page of the document as the splitting page.

The document will now be split into two, and the page you selected above will become the first page of the new document.


To split a multipage document into multiple one-page documents, select all pages in the document, and then select Split.

To merge documents

To merge multiple documents into one, select all lines representing the pages that you want to merge, and then select Merge.


This video demonstrates how to manually split documents.