Importing the bank account statement

  • 2 min.

Bank account statements can be imported manually or, if the bank supports it, they can be imported directly from the bank using direct communication.

When the bank statement lines are imported, Statement Intelligence will perform the reconciliation, either by automatically matching the bank statement lines with the bank account ledger entries, by creating suggestions for matches, or by creating new journal lines.

Payment Management bank account reconciliation

Import a bank statement

From the Bank Acc. Reconciliation page, in the action bar, select Bank > Import and Match.

If the bank account is set up to use direct communication, any available bank account files will be imported into the journal directly from the bank. If, on the other hand, the bank account is not set up for direct communication, you must manually select the file to be imported into the journal.


To check if your bank account is set up for direct communication, select the Bank Account No. link. This will open the bank account card and from there, under the General FastTab, you can check to see if direct communication is enabled.

During the import, the account statement will be processed for reconciliation after which you can get an overview of the reconciliation in the status column on the account statement lines.