Post the reconciliation

  • 10 min.

When everything adds up on the Bank Account Reconciliations page, you're ready to post the reconciliation.

You can do this very easily by selecting Posting > Post.

Reopen a reconciliation

If you should need to undo something after the reconciliation has been posted, you can do that from the relevant bank account card.

  1. From the Role Center, search for and open Bank Accounts.
  2. In the action menu, select Bank Account > Statements, and then select the relevant reconciliation from the list. From here you can see all the lines in the statement.
  3. In the action menu, select Undo to reopen the reconciliation.
  4. Now select Matching > Match Automatically to perform a new reconciliation. All lines will match, but then you can change the things that went wrong.


When you reopen a reconciliation, you'll loose the unique payment reference and the bank export data.

You have now completed the module, and it's time to check your knowledge.


This video takes you through the reconciliation process in Payment Management.