The unsolved lines – one by one

  • 5 min.

Now, take a look at the lines you've imported. Some of the lines are OK and do not need any attention. But any unsolved lines must be resolved, so now, take a look at them.

PM_bank acc recon_unsolved lines

How to resolve the unsolved lines

The first unsolved line

If you take a look at the first unsolved line, you can see that there is a bank account ledger entry that matches the amount, and the invoice number is also the same. The thing that prohibits the match, is our setup, which also requires the dates to match. To avoid this in the future, you can change this to allow for the dates to deviate from each other. To do this, navigate to Manual Setup > Banks > Statement Intelligence and specify the allowed deviation in the fields Tolerance Days - Before and Tolerance Days - After.

But for now, you will just do a manual match by selecting the two lines - one on each side, and then, in the action bar, select Selecting Matching > Match Manually. The lines will now have the status OK, and we can move on to the next unsolved line.

The second unsolved line

In this line, you can see that there is a reconciliation suggestion. If you select No. of Reconciliation Suggestions, you can see that the match is based on the document number found in the Additional Info field. The reason why the match hasn't been made is that the original invoice is for a larger amount than the customer has paid. In the column Original PMT. Disc. Possible, you can see that they had the option to receive a discount, and from the amount that they paid, you can tell that they opted for it. However, the payment didn't fall within the time limit and therefore the amounts do not match. Select OK to create the line in the cash receipt journal. You'll see this line again later on when you will go through the journals.

The third unsolved line

Further down the page, you find the next unsolved line. This one is a payment from the account, but with no registration in the internal system. When you have confirmed that this is an intentional payment, you can select the Manual Handling box and, in the action bar, select Process > Create Journal Lines. When you take a look at the general journal, later on, you'll be able to see this line.

The fourth unsolved line

In the last unsolved line, you can see there is a reconciliation suggestion in the No. of Reconciliation Suggestions column. If you open the reconciliation suggestion, you can see that this has been made, based on the document number found in Additional Information. What you'll also notice, is that there is a small difference in the amount which could be because of rounding. To accept the difference, select OK, and the line will then be created in the cash receipt journal.

Now, those were the unsolved lines. Other lines that you should point out are:

  • Payment from headquarters, which contains 2 payments that were handled due to Statement Intelligence, and the lines will be visible in the cash receipt journal.
  • Merged lines, which contain 2 lines that were handled by the merge rule.

In the next unit, you'll go through the journals.