Purchase document validation

  • 4 min.

In the following, we'll go through the validation process of a purchase document. Payment Management runs a validation of all payments in the payment journal.

When you create and post an invoice, it goes through a validation process based on the payment method defined on the purchase document. As you've learned in the previous module, the settings on the payment method are in direct correlation with the bank's requirements and are used by Payment Management for validation of the payment information.


The validation format is maintained by Continia Online. If there are new validation specifications available for download, you'll be notified when you post the document.

If you go ahead and create a purchase invoice for a vendor, you'll see the Validation FactBox on the right side of the purchase invoice page. When you continue to post the invoice, a notification will appear in this FactBox, if there are any validation problems with the invoice, such as incorrect or missing information.

Payment Management invoice validation

On the Payment Management Setup page, you can set up validation to run continuously or when the purchase document is posted.

  • Validate Purchase Document
    Validation will occur when you post the purchase document. Any validation errors will at that time be displayed in the Validation FactBox.

  • Use Dynamic Validation
    Dynamic validation runs a continuous validation in the background while you work on the purchase document. Any validation errors will be displayed in the Validation FactBox when you reload or reopen the purchase document. Note that you can only use dynamic validation if Validate Purchase Document is enabled.

Payment Management turn off validation

You can also manually run a validation on your purchase document. From the Action bar, select Actions > Functions > Validate Document.

Disable validation of purchase documents

Validation is enabled by default, however, you can disable it on the Payment Management Setup page by disabling Validate Purchase Document. This could be useful, for example, if you are implementing Continia Document Capture, where documents, in the beginning, may not be ready for validation. Until they are, turning off validation might ease the process for you.


If you turn off the validation, it will cause errors and stop payments when you post the payment journal or possibly even later in the process when the payment reaches the bank. Therefore, we always recommend you keep validation enabled.

Next up, you'll learn more about the Payment Management supported payment journal and how to set it up for suggesting payments.