Set up approval sharing

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Users can be set up to approve on behalf of other users through approval sharing. As an administrator, you can manage approval sharing across all users. To open the Approval Sharing page, select the search icon, enter Approval Sharing, and then select the related link.

Approval sharing list

The field Sharing Type indicates what type of approval sharing has been applied. There are two types:

Sharing typeDescription
Out of OfficeThis type of approval sharing is intended to be set up by regular users themselves using the Out of Office Setup action. However, it can also be done on behalf of the users by administrators with the CDC-SUPER permission set, for example if a user doesn't have access to the system when out of office.

The option is called Out of Office to distinguish it from the other type of approval sharing (Normal), and to make it clear to administrators that entries of this type were most likely created by the users themseleves. Although it's technically possible for an administrator to create more than one out-of-office entry per user at the same time, we recommend creating only one per user, as the user will only have access to the first entry anyway.
NormalThis type of approval sharing is the recommended option for administrators with the CDC-SUPER permission set, and it can only be set up by such administrators. Administrators can set up approval sharing on behalf of other users, and they can create multiple approval sharing entries for each user.

This option enables you to make approval sharing entries accessible to multiple users in a group at the same time through the use of dummy users. For example, if you create a dummy user named "IT" and set up approvals to be shared for this dummy user with each individual user in your company's IT department, each of the users will be able to approve any document that's sent to the dummy user.

The sharing type is also shown on the Purchase Approval Entries page, indicating to the user which kind of sharing they have with other users.

Approval Entries out of office shared
Approval entries normal sharing

Out of Office

Approvers can set up out-of-office approval sharing for their own approvals. To do this in Business Central, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Approval Entries page.

  2. Select Out of Office Setup.

  3. Fill in the fields as needed.

  4. Select the back button.

    Set-up out of office BC

To set up out-of-office approval sharing in the Continia Web Approval Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Select the settings icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Fill in the Forward Documents For Approval (Out of Office) fields.

  3. Select Save.

    Out of office Continia Web Approval Portal

Now you know the essence of approval sharing and how to set it up. In the next unit, you'll learn more about the various features that are available to approval administrators.


This video explains how to set up approval sharing.