Set up user permissions

  • 4 min.

When you install Document Capture, Business Central gets a whole range of new features that are not available to regular users by default.

However, if you are a system administrator with the SUPER permission set assigned, you have access to all Business Central features, including Document Capture and the assigning of permissions. This enables you to assign permissions to regular users and thereby allow them to use Document Capture and its features.


To ensure that all standard features work as intended for all users, including those who don't use Document Capture directly, the two mandatory Document Capture permission sets, CSC BASIC and CDC-ALL, are automatically assigned to all current Business Central users during the activation of Document Capture.

Document Capture features a number of built-in permission sets that are tailored to the typical roles within a company. These permission sets are created when you install Document Capture.

In this unit, you'll learn how to assign those permission sets to other users.

Assign permissions to users

In addition to the two mandatory permission sets, your users must have additional permission sets assigned depending on their role in Business Central.

There are two options when you assign permissions to users:

  • You can assign permissions either to individual users or to user groups.

We recommend that you choose user groups, since administration is easier when dealing with numerous users. Typically, several user groups with different permissions are already created in Business Central. For example, accounting managers will get full access to the setup features, while purchasers in the procurement department only get permission to approve invoices.


When you create new Business Central users, the two permission sets, CDC-ALL and CSC BASIC, must be assigned to the new users manually.

To create a new user group, follow these steps:

  1. From the Role Center, choose the search icon, enter User Groups, and choose the related link.

  2. Select New.

  3. Enter a meaningful user group code and name (for example, DC ACC MANAGER and Document Capture Accounting Managers). Leave the Default Profile field blank.

  4. Select the newly created User Group, and then select Permissions.

  5. Insert the permission sets for the users in the group. For example, these two permission sets, in addition to the mandatory permission sets, will give full access to all Document Capture features:


    For further details on what's included in the Document Capture permission sets, see Document Capture Permissions.

  6. Navigate back to the User Groups list.

  7. Select the newly created User Group, and then select Members.

  8. Select Add Users, and add all accounting managers.

The accounting managers have now been assigned full access to Document Capture and all of its features, including configuration of Document Capture. You can always create new permission sets and user groups, customized to your company's needs. This is a standard Business Central process – see the Microsoft article Assign Permissions to Users and User Groups.