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Document Capture supports several types of file formats and channels for incoming documents. To get your documents into Document Capture, you can use one of the following channels:

  • Scanner: You can scan documents using a desktop scanner (connected to your PC) or a network scanner (connected to your local network).

  • Email: Each Document Capture installation have one or more dedicated email addresses that you can send your documents to.

  • Continia Delivery Network: The Continia Delivery Network is a service that integrates with the PEPPOL eDelivery Network, thereby enabling import and/or export of electronic documents.

Document Capture supports the following file formats:

  • PDF

  • Electronic documents such as PEPPOL BIS 3 (EU), BILLING (UK), and XRechnung 2.0 (DE)

For the full list of supported formats, see Supported Electronic Document Formats.

Document flow


The different channels and file formats can be set up to meet your company's needs, but for this module we'll only focus on the handling of purchase invoices and credit memos sent by your vendors via email and received as PDF files.