Customize templates to your needs

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When you capture the values of a received document, you may want to customize the rules and settings of its template to ensure a better fit between the captured values and the actual document content that you want to capture. There are two main ways to do this: You can customize an existing vendor template or create a second vendor template that you then customize. Which of these two approaches is the better depends on why you need to carry out template customization in the first place.

For example, if one of your vendors sends documents with varying layouts, meaning that you need to capture different information in each document depending on whether it's an invoice or a credit memo, it makes sense for you to create a second template. You'll then have two templates – one for each document type.

If, however, all documents sent by a vendor have the same structure but you need to capture their contents in a way that's different from the default rules and configurations, it's better to customize the pre-existing template. An example of this is to customize the Date template field, as the formatting of dates varies around the world. Europeans typically use Day/Month/Year, while many Swedes use Year/Month/Day and Americans prefer Month/Day/Year.

To create new templates

To create a new template, go to the document journal, select the document that you want to create a new template for, and then select Actions > Functions > Create/Select Template...:

Create new template action

The new template you're about to create will be a copy of the master template. To copy the master template, select Create New and then OK. You can make as many templates as you see fit for each vendor by repeating this process.

Select template to copy from

When the template has been created, it will be applied to the selected document, and you can then customize the new template and its template fields, just as you would do with an existing template. If you need to switch templates for a document, simply perform a lookup in the Template No. column, and then select the template that you want to switch to:

Lookup in template no column


If you need to edit the description of a template, you can do this on the template card, in the Description field. To navigate to the template card, go to the document journal, select the document whose template you want to edit, and then select Template > Template Card.

To customize existing template fields

To customize the settings of a specific vendor template field, go to the document journal and select the three dots in the field that you want to customize:

Due date field on template

Customize the template field as needed. In the example below, the date format of the Due Date field is customized to match the date format used by the vendor:

Template field card customize

You can customize all template fields for all vendors, but this should only be done if a specific vendor deviates from the master template configuration. If you repeatedly experience that you need to customize a template field, you should consider customizing the master template or creating a new master template instead.


This video demonstrates how to customize template fields for a specific vendor.