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A template is a collection of rules and configurations that determine how documents should be recognized and processed. All templates are associated with a document category, and each template is linked to a specific source, with the exception of master templates. For example, the source that each template in the PURCHASE category is linked to is a specific vendor.


For illustrative purposes, this entire module will be based on the PURCHASE category.

On the template, you determine what information and which fields should be captured whenever you receive a document from a specific vendor. As each vendor has a unique template, you can use templates for capturing different information or for applying different rules and configurations for each vendor.

Document Capture includes a predefined configuration that sets up master templates, meaning that you don’t have to configure everything from scratch. You only need to customize templates or template fields if you want to change how information is recognized in documents from specific vendors, or if you’d like to recognize additional information in documents.

Document Capture also includes a predefined configuration that determines how vendors are identified in recognized documents. This configuration can also be customized to match your company's needs.