Send automatic statements

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Document Output can create and automatically send statements to your customers. These are set up individually for each customer, allowing you to set the specific conditions and frequency that best suit each customer.

Enable automatic statements for a customer

You can access the setup page for Statements from the Customer card. The Document Output FactBox shows the current setup for statements, and you can change the settings using the Automatic statement option, which opens the Document Output Customer Card.

Customer Card_Statement section in FactBox

Under the Statement FastTab in the Document Output customer card,

  • Change the Automatic statement option from Manual to Automatic.
  • Set a specific date to start sending statements at First statement start date.
  • From the option for Send Statement Code, use Select from full list to see the full details of each send code.
DO Customer Card_Automatic statement_Send Statement Code_First statement start date


You should not make changes to the fields for Period Statement and Balance Due Statement dates. Document Output will automatically enter the relevant dates once statements are sent out.

Work with send statement codes

Send Statement Codes shows a list with combinations of conditions and periods for sending statements. Document Output is set up with some commonly used combinations, and you can create more combinations with custom codes as you need them. In the full list of send statement codes, you'll see the conditions set for each code in the Send statement if column. You can combine these conditions to create the best-suited statement for individual customers.

  • Entries during the period
  • Balance during the period
  • Balance due during the period

Options in the Period Date Formula column are set using standard Business Central date formats. For example, in the image below the options all show either 14 days or 1 month.


The starting date should be set in the Document Output customer card, rather than using a formula in the Period Date Formula column.

Select Send Customer Statements_Send statement if_Period Date Formula

Email template and output profile

The Email Template Code column must show Statement for any line that you will use. To set up automatic sending, change the Output to Email. You could also choose not to email the statements, and instead collect these for later reference in a Journal.

Select Send Customer Statements_E-Mail Template Code STATEMENT_Output E-Mail

Options to pause, skip or leave a buffer period

Additional options on this setup page allow you to be quite specific about when to send statements automatically, or to skip or pause sending.

  • Create buffer periods to allow for payment of balances, by entering a negative number of days in the column, Send statement if Balance Due Date Formula.
  • Skip sending a statement if the customer has negative balance, by adding a checkmark at Do not send if negative balance.
  • Pause automatic sending of statements if the customer has been issued a reminder or finance charge, by adding checkmarks at Change to manual on Finance Charge Memo and/or Change to manual on Reminder. Both of these columns have checkmarks by default.
Select Send Customer Statements_Balance Due_negative balance_Change to manual

Update a group of customers

If most of your customers need the same automatic statement settings, you can set this up quickly using the Update Customer settings in Document Output's Customer Setup List. New customers added to Business Central use these chosen settings as the default.

You must enable the option to Change Existing setup to push this change to existing customer setups. After this, you can still change the statement setup for individual customers as needed. The Filter option allows you to apply different setups to selected groups.

DO Learn Mod 3-13-Update Customer Setup Statement Change existing


In this scenario video, Ester, the bookkeeper at Cronus, has been asked to set up automatic statements for two customers.

She needs to work on these tasks:

  • For one customer, set up statements to show the entries for the last 2 weeks.
  • For another customer, set up monthly statements to show balance due (with a 5 day buffer), but skip sending statements if there is a negative balance.

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