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Continia eDocuments

  • 30 min.
  • Module
  • 9 Units
  • Document Capture

The combination of Continia eDocuments and Continia Delivery Network allows you to easily exchange electronic business documents, such as item catalogs, orders, and order updates, with your vendors and customers.

eDocuments supports formats, such as Peppol and OIOUBL, and you can process them in views of pages and tables already familiar to you in Document Capture.

Learning objectives

This module will get you ready to set up and use Continia eDocument for exchanging electronic documents with your customer and vendors.

By the end of this module, you will know:

  • The overall process of how electronic documents are transferred using Continia eDocuments.
  • How to activate eDocuments on existing versions of Continia Document Capture.
  • How to set up eDocuments to send the documents and updates you want.
  • Which settings to use for your vendors and customers to exchange eDocuments with them.
  • How to process electronic documents and responses in basic ordering and billing flows.


You should already have:

  • Basic knowledge of how to use and navigate in Business Central and Continia Document Capture.


Continia Partners can create a demo environment from PartnerZone for which a user ID and password are required.