Set up allowed match variances for templates

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To ensure a smooth and trouble-free match between the purchase order and the invoice, the two documents should by default have the exact same total amount.

However, it isn't always possible to accurately know what the invoiced total amount will be, so you may have to estimate the prices and amounts entered in your purchase order. If the total amounts of the invoice and the order don't end up matching, you'll have to go through the manual process of editing the purchase order so that the two amounts match exactly.

Luckily, Document Capture comes with a feature for handling such scenarios, enabling you to configure allowed match variances. To set up an allowed match variance, open the relevant template, under the Purchase Document FastTab, go to the Variance section:

Matching fields with allowed variance

First, you specify which G/L account the variance amount must be posted to. Then the two fields Max Variance Amount Allowed (LCY) and Max. Variance % Allowed appear.

In these fields, you can define the allowed match variance either as a fixed amount or a percentage of the total amount. If you fill in both variance fields, the lower of the two will apply.

When an allowed variance has been set up in a template, it will be applied whenever you match invoices against orders/purchase receipts using this template. When there's a match between two documents within the allowed variance, a warning will be displayed at the bottom of the document journal:

Match within variance

The warning in the comments section won't stop you from registering the invoice – it only makes you aware of the difference.

If the matching variance (the difference between the total invoice amount and the total matched amount) exceeds the allowed variance, no matching will take place. You can still register the invoice, but the order/purchase receipt will remain open, and the invoice will be treated as a separate document that's not related to the order/purchase receipt in any way.

No match


This video demonstrates how to set up allowed match variances in templates.


This video was created in an earlier version of Document Capture, which means that the location of some fields and action items in the video are slightly out of date.