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With Continia Document Capture, you can have all incoming invoices and credit memos matched against related documents (such as corresponding purchase orders and receipts) to ensure that everything checks out and that, for example, invoices are ready for payment. This can be done either manually by you or automatically by Document Capture.

The manual procedure requires no setup at all, whereas automatic matching must be enabled and configured according to the needs and wants of your company.

The purchase order matching module optimizes the process of invoicing your purchase order lines. The default Business Central process requires that you manually invoice specific lines from the Purchase Order page, whereas in Document Capture, order lines can be invoiced directly from the document journal:

  • Instead of using Business Central's standard procedure of opening each order and manually selecting the lines that you want to post as invoiced, Document Capture can find those lines for you and create a new invoice with multiple order lines from different orders, all gathered in one invoice.
  • The order lines are linked to the invoice created by Document Capture, letting you track directly in the purchase order whether or not the order lines have been invoiced.
  • When all lines in an order have been matched and the related invoice has been posted, the order lines will automatically be marked as invoiced, even though you didn't post anything directly from the Purchase Order page.